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Question: My son is 2.5 years long-lived, six months ago he had a concussion. Two days ago, the teenager began to lament of a annoyance in the forehead while booming to bed at night, he starts spinning in bed, rubbing his forehead against the pillow, and when falsification on his secretly, he arches. Hither a month ago, he got shocked and also complained of a headache from an unpleasant loud tough, but the pain then disappeared in 10 minutes.



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And the blackness pains now do not finish until I give the cramp reliever (Nurofen)! Tell me, what could be the engender of a boy's headache? Are these the consequences of a concussion?


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Support: Your fears are not in all respects unfounded. The pain in the arse attacks you described in a child may seriously be the sequel of a chairman injury. You should think your son to a neurologist as in good time as possible. The criterion solution to the unruly in this suit would be to give the youngster an MRI of the brain in rank to exclude any feasible complications of the injury.


Question: I am 31 years obsolete, recently I enjoy been troubled upon a immovable nuisance, aggravated close to accent and anxiety. Frequent minded swings, depression. Recently, pains have begun in the region of the middle, from interval to at intervals the heartbeat changes and there is such a terrible foible in the whole body. In compensation 12 years I have planned had tachycardia, heartbeat at rest from 95-120 beats per minute. But no pathologies in the pluck were rest, the last duration I did an EKG somewhere here 6 months ago.

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Rejoin: There can be diverse reasons towards the publication of a headache. You definitely need to suffer test and examination past a neurologist. Most reasonable, you when one pleases essential to do an EEG and Doppler check-up of the vessels of the head and neck, you may need to do a CT or MRI of the imagination (whether such an analysis should be carried out or not, the doctor choice resolve, after an internal examination).

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